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End to end personalized career services platform created to meet the needs of job seekers. We believe that by providing outstanding career advice, resume writing, professional branding, and onsite training we can deliver value to most employers. We are building an interactive application for IOS and Android to make the job-hunting process seamless and efficient.

We are building a proprietary job form database. Our five years of research has indicated that employers have a hard time finding the right candidates. Our platform uses ranking and proprietary matching technology to enable recruiters, hiring managers, and even college recruiters to scout the very best.

Our Mission

Provide all-inclusive career services toolkit to job seekers to enable employers to find the right fit

Why SkoutVest ?

Why waste valuable time re-creating your resume, cover letters for each job and searching for hundreds of positions that meet your criteria when you can use technology and efficient processes to land that perfect job


Have you ever heard of headhunters? They spend a good amount of time searching for the right candidate. Our approach is the same, the only difference we spend a good amount of time searching for the right company, that’s right the company that meets your style, preferences, experience, skills. Companies that are likely to hire you. Our job search specialists will use job analytics and all the filtering options available in the market to meet your demands


Your personalized job search toolkit starts with a top notched resume, written by our certified resume writers who have more than 10 years of experience in the industry. They can also provide targeted cover letters and linked In optimizations


Our highly talented team truly cares about helping you land the job of your dreams. We deliver great value to our clients because we care about their needs.

How can we help …

At Skoutvest we believe that searching for a job is like having a job; hence, we’ve created a framework that works, and it begins with you.

Other platforms  Skoutvest 
Customization  Don’t customize resumes for each job application Customizes resumes to match each application
Updated Job Applications  Direct applications to outdated job postings via job boards Direct applications to updated job postings via company’s profiles
Scanning  Don’t scan resumes before sending to companies’ applications Scans each resume for each application
Personalized Experience  Don’t conduct One on one consultation to create job search strategies Provides one on one experience to give each job seeker the information they need before applying for work
On Demand Tech Skills  Don’t provide tools on the hottest tech skills on demand Partnered with EBS to provide hottest tech skills training at a discount


How to become part of the new Job Search Movement

I’m a Job Seeker

The application platform is currently in the works and it will be available in all android and IOS devices, free for job seekers in February. Learn more click >sing up app job seeker.

What this app can do for you: It will enable you to scout all the jobs that matter to you instantly. You can use all of our filtering options in our interactive ScoutMap tool so your job search process becomes seamless and efficient

I’m an Employer

We are offering a free membership agreement for the first three months. All you can post jobs, gain access to our proprietary internal database and scout the best talent. Learn more > sign up, complete form